My Bonnie Scotland by Jim Ferguson


A poetry collection by Glasgow-based poet & prose writer Jim Ferguson. Cover image by Scott S Simpson.

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whatever the moment
open it

take a look inside
is it colourful?

if it is caged
free it

see its colours
running across the sky

Jim Ferguson is a poet and prose writer based in Glasgow. Born in 1961, Jim has been writing and publishing since 1986 and is a Creative Writing Tutor at Glasgow Kelvin College, having also tutored creative writing in Preisthill, Govan, Lochwinnoch and Easterhouse. He was the 2011 ‘Poet Laureate’ of the Scotia Bar, Glasgow and has had work commissioned by, among others, Scottish Television, Glasgow International Arts Festival, West of Scotland Housing Association, Scotland in Europe and The Clutha Trust.

My Bonnie Scotland contains surreal, expansive poetry written in Jim’s free-flowing yet tightly crafted style – a unique collection from an idiosyncratic and highly talented poet.

“Yin wey tae weir intae Jim Ferguson’s poetry micht be tae think aboot it as a kind o balancin act – or better, the act o somebody hingin oot the washin. Here’s Ferguson, on yin haun, pirlin oot his mental tapestries; an here’s his lines, on the ither, drawn taut like wires aneath the strain, readyin theirsels tae sneck. The gesserant poems in “My Bonnie Scotland”, this gleg new pamphlet fae Tapsalteerie, are stallions o a sort, an the real artistry in Ferguson’s scrievin is hou much he’s able tae mak each o them beir afore they aw – as they maun – kick oot.”

Thomas Clark, Bella Caledonia

My Bonnie Scotland - Jim Ferguson reading at Caesura

Jim Ferguson in action at Caesura #29, The Saltire Society, Edinburgh



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