Dark Matters by Russell Jones


New sci-fi poems from Edinburgh-based writer and editor Russell Jones.

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Russell Jones is a widely published writer. His work includes poetry, short stories, travel articles, children’s stories and young adult SFF novels. He is deputy and poetry editor of Shoreline of Infinity, Scotland’s only sci-fi magazine, and runs monthly sci-fi cabaret nights in Edinburgh. He is also editor of Where Rockets Burn Through: Contemporary Science Fiction Poems from the UK.

Dark Matters is Russell’s third short collection of science-fiction poetry.

The first fifty copies of this pamphlet feature a limited edition comic-poem illustrated by Edward Ross.

‘Often dark, never dull, this glittering collection takes SF poetry where no one has gone before.’
– Ken MacLeod

‘This amazement, this compilation of poem/comic/verbal gymnastics, this movement of words. This touch of nuclear, horror, hope. This grasp of science and folklore, alien outside and alien in. This acrobat of wonder. This Russell Jones.’
– Jane Yolen

(Author of “The Emerald Circus”, Nebula Award winner, SFWA Damon Knight Grandmaster 2017)


Tongue-worn gobstopper of the galaxy;
we think we see you among the city lights
but you’re just another rocket hurtling by.
It leaves and we lie, the grass brushing our necks
as we breathe in space. Our fingers lock, we look out,
trace the lines of vapour through the night sky
and wonder what other worlds there might be.

Not everything is lost in a failed flight. We reminisce
through photographs of a solar eclipse, see the sun
in each other’s eyes, spot words in the stars.
We stretch our arms out, make telescopes
in our fists and for a moment, in disbelief, we see you.



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