Drochaid by AC Clarke, Maggie Rabatski & Sheila Templeton


Poems in Scots, Gaelic & English (volume three in the Biggin Brigs series).

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“A few years back three poets initiated a poetic conversation in the three languages of Scotland. The poems which emerged were published by Tapsalteerie in 2016 as Owersettin but the conversation did not end there. For Drochaid we set each other themes to which we all responded separately, Maggie Rabatski in Gaelic (with English translations), Sheila Templeton in Scots, AC Clarke in English.

Our three tongues and our three poetic voices are quite distinct, we have each approached the chosen theme from a different angle, yet we feel that the poems harmonise with each other just as the varied landscapes of Scotland harmonise with each other. This is a conversation in which every voice has an equal say and to which each language contributes its unique expressiveness.
We hope the readers of Owersettin enjoy Drochaid too, and that we find new readers with whom to share our continuing conversation.”

– AC Clarke

Image of AC Clarke, co-author of Drochaid.AC Clarke is an award winning poet and translator with a background in teaching and university administration. She has five full collections and a number of pamphlets to her name, and in 2019 won the Second Light Long Poem competition for the second time.

Image of Maggie Rabatski, co-author of 'Drochaid'Maggie Rabatski is Hebridean by birth but has lived in Glasgow for many years. Her first pamphlet Down From The Dance was shortlisted for the Saltire Society’s First Book of the Year 2011. Her second, Holding, was shortlisted for the 2013 Callum MacDonald Award. Her poem ‘Sacrifice/Ìobairt’ was chosen as one of the SPL’s Best Scottish Poems in 2012.

Image of Sheila Templeton, co-author of DrochaidSheila Templeton is originally from Aberdeenshire and is widely published in magazines and anthologies. She has won the McCash Scots Language Poetry Award three times, the McLellan Poetry Prize, the Neil Gunn Writing Competition, and was a Makar of the Federation of Writers Scotland.

A Sphinx OPOI review of Owersettin (2016), by AC Clarke, Maggie Rabatski & Sheila Templeton.


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