Fios by Stewart Sanderson

“At times the mythic scope of this collection took my breath away” – Daljit Nagra

Fios is the first collection from Stewart Sanderson, an award-winning young Scottish poet.


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“At times the mythic scope of this collection took my breath away” – Daljit Nagra

Stewart Sanderson was born in Glasgow in 1990. Widely published in prominent UK and Irish magazines, in 2014 he was shortlisted for the Edwin Morgan Poetry Award and in 2015 he received an Eric Gregory Award. Fios (pronounced ‘fiss’) is his debut pamphlet.

Employing free and traditional forms, these poems are preoccupied with the various ways in which poetry might enable us to know ourselves and the world around us. Often turning on an encounter with a word, another text or an image from visual art, Fios marks the emergence of an important new voice in Scottish poetry.

Adam and Eve, Whereabouts Unknown

When the warning came their faces were impassive,
wearing much the same inscrutable and tranquil
aspect as before. And when the first bomb broke
through the museum roof in an avalanche of bricks
and bursting pipes, they never once cried out,
just stood there holding hands. Two refugees
from greater conflicts in their little wood
of brambles, chiaroscuro, gillyflowers
and luminous yellow flesh. They hardly stirred
when the parachute mine burnt up their frame and drunken
soldiers pissed on them. They were unmoved,
perhaps. Though near the end, when flames snaked through
their quattrocento orchard, and wet snow
fell on them through the ceiling, he whispered in
her ear. Will it be long now, darling? Then she bit her lip
and seemed to hold his fingers tighter than she had before.

(First published in New Linear Perspectives)