An Offering by Stewart Sanderson


A pamphlet-length collection of poetry from the Scottish writer Stewart Sanderson, published in 2018.



Sanderson, Stewart

Stewart Sanderson is a poet from Scotland. His work has been recognised by a number of national prizes, notably an Eric Gregory Award and a Robert Louis Stevenson Fellowship. He has been twice shortlisted for the Edwin Morgan Poetry Award, as well as receiving commendations from the PN Review and Stephen Spender poetry prizes. He has contributed to a number of international collaborations, participating in translation exchanges with Frisian, North African and Russian writers. An Offering is his second pamphlet.

The tightly crafted poems in An Offering consider our natural, linguistic and cultural heritage – asking timely questions about our pursuit of meaning and belonging, ultimately addressing the frailty of both human endeavour and poetry itself.

For W. S. Graham on Ben Narnain

Since all our words are borrowed
just a wee while, from the wind

I send you this – a message
which will never find

you now, so far you’ve wandered
into that high land

whose only speech is silence
and where all the mountains end.



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